About Us

AGORA offers a curated collection of high-quality creative writing and scholarly works. Our content is engaging and genuine, provocative and pointed. An open marketplace for all genres, we are staffed by senior undergraduate students with a variety of interests and educational backgrounds. Please send us your short fiction, short nonfiction, hybrid pieces, poetry, drama, or essays focused on cultural critique and commentary).

AGORA means “gathering place,” and the word usually refers to the public marketplaces of ancient Greek city-states.  Today, when we think of “markets,” we might immediately imagine the Wall Street world of high finance or the product-stuffed aisles of our local grocery store. The agora of ancient Greece, however, was not solely devoted to consumers and commodities; it was a center of public life.

Our hope is to develop our AGORA into a such a center. We especially encourage submissions from writers whose work has not been published elsewhere. Maybe you are an undergraduate student just starting to explore writing, or a recent college graduate with stories, essays, or poems just waiting on your laptop. Maybe you are eager to share your writing but anxious about getting started with that process.  If these scenarios sound familiar, AGORA is a good place for you.