The Uncertain Notebooks (Option 2)

My alarm shocks me from sleep, signaling I need to get my ass out of bed and get ready for work. My boyfriend grabs my phone from the bedside table and hands it to me so I can put a stop to the obnoxious noise. I snuggle into my boyfriend’s chest as he wraps his arm around me. Nothing beats waking up to him pulling me in closer for one last moment of relaxation before the start of a long day. Sighing, I pull myself away and out of the warm covers. As I leave the bed my boyfriend reaches across to smack my butt as I step out into the cool room.

Living with a guy took some getting used to, but for the most part it’s been nothing but fun. We joke, laugh and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company after a long day at work. To be honest, it is exactly what I dreamed of in college. Getting to work in the same city, continuing all the incredible times we’ve had since we started dating. Having wine and Netflix nights, going downtown to the bars where we dance all night (because my boyfriend knows I love to dance) and waking up to one another has only gotten better.

The sense of relief when everything worked out made me giddy. You know the feeling in your stomach that is almost like butterflies but also feels like you need to let out a little scream because you’re so overwhelmed with elation you feel like you could burst? I feel that times a thousand. The feelings of uncertainty and being so stressed about what my future would hold have become simply a memory. To have the weight off my shoulders and to be this happy is how I always knew, deep down, it would play out.

It may not have happened as easily as I would have liked—not every moment of a relationship is all sunshine and rainbows. And sometimes the bad times can taint your image of all the good, but when the good times outweigh and outlast the bad, it’s easy to shrug off those nagging feelings.

In the end I am a firm believer that when two people are supposed to be together, they will be. And when the love is there, why should there be a reason for something to end? I saw this future so clearly, and deep down I knew this was right where I was supposed to be.