You’re Never Too Small to Dream Big(For those that are little or young at heart) by Sean Cullen

Whether it’s the rains in July muddying the grass, or snow-capped houses in December,

Time always brings change.

As you lay down, staring up at everything that seems so far away:

the moon drifting across a star speckled sky,

the faraway glimmering of galaxies noone has named yet,

never forget dear child,

you’re never too small to dream big.

As you too drift along in life,

at school,

at home,

from chore to chore, trudging forward through the little miracle that is life,

I invite you to stop.

I invite you to feel the world around you.

Let the mother Earth envelope you in a blanket, a breath of wind that whispers a thousand soft melodies,

a reminder that everyday is made up of moments that implore us to stop and smile.

You’re never too small to dream big.

But if, for a moment,

when you stare up at cascading shades of grey and white that greet you with no sunshine,

or a skyline of night as black as coal, the wind chilling your hair to stand on end.

If you find yourself frightened by a horizon so wide it compels you to spin your head like an owl.

If it makes you feel small.

O sweet child,

you’re never too small to dream big.

No matter where you are in life, you have your whole life ahead of you.

It’s true when a thousand colors you can’t name paint the world so perfectly you wish time would stop,

it’s true when it seems like there was never any color to begin with.

It’s true when you’re born,

and it’ll be true when shades of grey pepper your hair.

So, if you feel a knot in your stomach tying you down,

or hear a voice telling you something is impossible,

Breathe, O sweet child.

and I insist you remember:

You’re never too small to dream big.

Sean Cullen is an aspiring Asian-American writer from Racine, Wisconsin. He has a background in history which he attempts to incorporate into his writing along with his racial identity, but he doesn’t quite have a handle on either of those things so for the time being he’s writing children’s poems and humorous fictional pieces.